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Interested in Monticello's Most Best Things to Do?

Monticello, Florida and the nearby areas are filled with a number of interesting activities and places to visit. We've listed a few of our favorites below. If you have questions or need more information, don't hesitate to give us a call.    
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NORTH FLORIDA WILDLIFE CENTER   - Exotic animal petting farm  

Twenty - Five quaint cottage shoppes with antique,  vintage and new merchandise - locally made and grown food items

Kayaking, canoeing and airboat the beautiful Aucilla and Wacissa Rivers.  Forty - three    miles to Gulf of Mexico. 

Deep South tour of historic homes and sites  - walking or driving

Golfing and Tennis  at Jefferson County Country Club

Bicycle or Motorcycle under miles of beautiful Canopy Roads and historic cotton trails

Largest Indian mounds park  with self guided tour - Letchworth Mounds on Hwy 90 west

Seven miles on beautiful Hwy 19 north to Georgia.  

Summer blooming of 15 awesome miles of Crepe Myrtles along both sides of Hwy 90 west to Tallahassee.

Many homegrown restaurants with the deep south flavors. 

Historic Monticello Ghost Tours

Monticello is known as the most haunted town in the United States...and for good reason. It's home to numerous historic buildings and sites, including Indian Mounds. Enjoy a tour of the town and see some of it's spookiest locations.
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